What to Look for in a Birthday Party Place

How to Plan a Great Party in Calgary!

This list of the top 5 things to look for when trying to pick the best birthday party place will help you to make just the right choice!

1 – Can I Bring Outside Food ?

Being able to bring in outside food and beverages is important and something that should never be assumed. Many party venues in Calgary will only allow you to bring in outside food if you purchased a party room which may be costly. If you book at a place like Laser City a helpful feature is that they will order Panago Pizza for you. This prevents you from accidentally under-ordering since their staff are super friendly and great at knowing just the right amount of pizza for the size of your group!

2 – Is a Party Table or Room Included ?

Some birthday party packages in Calgary don’t come with a party table. The best party places don’t only include them but make sure they are available to you for the entire time your there. This gives you a place to relax well the kids are playing laser tag, mini paintball or whatever birthday activity you have planned!

3 – Extras!

When you book a birthday party it is necessary to find out what extras come with your party package. Laser City does a great job of taking the stress out of the day by including plates, cups, napkins, and spoons along with your choice of pop or water in all their birthday party packages! This means there is not much you have to bring the day of. Very little decoration is required since their party tables are already super fun looking!

4 – Friendly Staff!

A good sign of an awesome party venue is how friendly the staff are! These are the people that are gonna be interacting with your kids so it’s important to make sure they are upbeat and cheerful. When calling to book take note of the individual on the other end, do they answer all your questions no problem or do they sound super annoyed to be talking to you? This is a great way to judge if this is a place that is truly interested in making sure your kids have the best time ever.

5 – Is it Memorable?

You want your child to look back fondly on all their birthdays. That’s why when you’re looking for just the right party place it is important to make sure it stands out from all the rest. This will ensure your kid and his guests have a wonderful time that they will never forget.

Now that you know what to look for in a party venue check out this article on the top ten Ideas for your kids next birthday!

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