Cool Kids Birthday Party Trends

These awesome birthday party trends will be a hit at your kid’s next party!

1 – Unicorns

Unicorns and rainbows seem to be everywhere these days especially online. If you haven’t checked out the glow in the dark unicorn makeup challenge yet you should defiantly do so! You can apply this theme to so many birthday party related things like table cloths, birthday cakes, loot bags and more! There are also unicorn and rainbow related foods! Unicorn dip is both fun and yummy as mentioned in the post Yummy and Easy Birthday Party Food Ideas. Unicorn headbands are also a fun and affordable party favorite that can be purchased at any Claire’s store in Canada.

2 – Experience Matters

Kids care more about the experience than what the party looked like. Like everyone children want exciting experiences that create life long memories. Mini Paintball is a great example of a birthday party idea in Calgary that will give your kids an experience they will never forget.

Calgary Mini Paintball

3 – Balloons

Kids love balloons and there are so many awesome things you do with them! Party City does a great job of making festive birthday balloon bouquets. They also leave no mess and children take them home after the party. Balloons serve as both a decoration and source of fun since kids like to play with them.


4 – Laser Tag

Laser Tag in Edmonton

Laser Tag has been popular since the ’80s! Birthday parties that feature Laser Tag are always a great time for ages 6+ and start at the affordable rate of $169.99 plus tax at Laser City. An awesome idea is to make your party retro-themed and have all your guests show up in their most radical ’80s gear.


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